Fro friend : Celai West

Hey guys! Our Fro friend for July is the beautiful Celai West. A young lady I found on Instagram who is doing her natural hair sisters proud! 1. What is your name and give us an insight into what you do? My name is Celai West, I'm 10 and I model, act and own my … Continue reading Fro friend : Celai West

Motivation to keep fit (or lose weight)

Hey guys! One of the hardest things after making a decision to be healthier or to lose weight is to actually stick to that decision and not get tired or give up along the way to the goal and this is something I have faced for the past three years. Every summer I start a … Continue reading Motivation to keep fit (or lose weight)

How I refresh my Havana Twists

Hey guys! I just posted a video on how I refresh my Havana twists. Keeping a protective style is great for your hair but is is also important to keep our hair moisturized while in the style to prevent it drying and breaking off during take down. In this video, I refresh my hair with … Continue reading How I refresh my Havana Twists

How to reduce appetite

Hey guys! So there's times when you're trying to be healthy, you don't want to over eat, you don't want to eat junk food but you're just always feeling hungry. How can you help yourself before falling into temptations arms? I will enumerate three natural ways you can reduce your appetite effectively; Drinking water Water … Continue reading How to reduce appetite