Medical school resources

Hello there,

My name is Adebisi Oluwatoni and I am a first year medical student vlogging my journey as a Caribbean medical student who wants to enjoy her 20s to the fullest (trust me, it’s very easy to not enjoy your life).

I am an AmBOSSador and I have been gathering tons of information and resources over the past few months so I decided to share them with current medical students or intending medical students. That means, I hear of a webinar or course (or discount and free gift) and I send all the details to you so you can benefit from it too.

So become a member of The Medically Inclined to get first dibs on everything I have to share as well as email posts on helpful topics affecting medical students, Or subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch my vlogs and study with me live. Or just look at my links below and click on which one will benefit you the most.

Stay thriving!