My individual crochet Havana twists – NO CORNROWS! NO KNOTTING!

Havana twists

It took me two days to finish this hairstyle because it was my first time trying to crochet myself and I had watched videos on faux locs but got Havana twists and the process may be similar but it wasn't the same. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out the first one and I ended up watching a new YouTube video which explained it although it took me a while to completely get the hang of it.

Mini twists

Mini twists are just like any other two strand twists except they are smaller in size making it a more time consuming process, they are very versatile as they can be styled in many ways and about they can cause tangling and single strand knots if not properly taken care of, they are very nice ways to take care of your hair and promote length retention.

Four benefits of African threading

African threading

I remember when I was in year 3 and my grandma would make various hair styles using African threading for me, it was easy because it didn't take much time and didn't require much effort. In Nigeria it's quite popular especially in children who have short hair, few adults still rock the style in various … Continue reading Four benefits of African threading