Taking your health journey as a lifestyle

Hey guys! So I set on this journey to be for the summer but as the summer is rounding up I am no where near my goal weight but I generally feel healthier. I binge eat less, drink a lot of water and have made some changes that I know I will carry on with … Continue reading Taking your health journey as a lifestyle

Guest post | DIY Avocado banana hair mask

One of my favourite things which I have incorporated in my hair regimen has been hair masks. Hair masks can serve multiple purposes for your hair: from moisturizing, to repairing damage, to conditioning and nourishing. The fun thing about hair masks is that you can easily (and cheaply) make them at home using the natural foods in your kitchen. My favourite natural hair mask so far has turned out to be the Avocado Banana mask, and I’m going to show you how I make and apply this to my hair!

Motivation to keep fit : Side goals

This is the last in this series and it is a very important form of motivating yourself. It basically implies setting goals that will be an implication or application of your fitness goal. An example is saying I want to be fit so that I can have better endurance and pick up a sport. I … Continue reading Motivation to keep fit : Side goals

Stretching my hair without heat

Hey guys! Guess what I did about a week ago, week ago, I did 12 tails African threading edition. For the history of 12 tails read my post on low manipulation styles for exam season. I have formerly written a post on the benefits of African threading that you can check out here but only … Continue reading Stretching my hair without heat

200 followers, anniversaries and give aways!

Hey guys! 200 followers in 11 months for me is both a surprise and a dream come true for me. I didn't imagine that my blog will grow so quickly when I started but I am highly honoured that you all have decided to be a part of my blog community. It warms my heart … Continue reading 200 followers, anniversaries and give aways!