The best natural hair gift ideas 2020

natural hair gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It is time for love and good cheer and reminding people how much you love them, it is also a sign that 2020 is about to end. With all that has been happening this year, getting a gift for that natural hair sister or brother in your life may not have been a top priority. That is fine, that is why I put together this gift guide for you.

Naturall AvoKiwi line

The newly released AvoKiwi line by Naturall club is made with the goodness of Avocado and Kiwi. It promises to leave your hair super healthy and moisturized and hasn’t failed so far. The line has a deep conditioner, shampoo, conditioner, Moisturizer, Twisting paste/custard, and oil blend which covers all the major aspects of hair care.

natural hair gift guide

If you have that friend who likes natural products then this is the best gift you can get them. Check out their website or find them on Instagram.

Joiful Bee wash day kit

This wash day kit by Joi Wade is designed to help you establish a consistent hair routine and reach your hair goals. They say wash day should not be a chore and I 100% agree with that.

The holiday kit contains a scalp massaging shampoo brush, microwaveable deep condition cap, honeycomb detangling hairbrush, microfibre towel turban, continuous spray bottle, reversible satin bonnet with drawstring, sectioning clips, and large scrunchies. If that doesn’t take you through washday seamlessly then I don’t know what will.

natural hair gifts

Get this Kit for that natural you know is struggling with washday. Visit their website of check Joiful Bee out on Instagram.

Acts of service

A gift that you can’t top is dedicating your time to someone and though COVID has made this harder. If your natural friend is someone you live with, you can decide to treat them to a wash day salon experience with you offering your services. Or help them make a nice protective style free of charge, I have some style ideas for you here.

This natural hair gift offers opportunity for bonding between friends and family members and it is free of charge. What beats that?

A drop of black Patron program

This will be a late gift considering the program doesn’t launch till January but this gift will definitely give back. A drop of black patron program is for naturals that mean business. Using the Patreon platform, I plan to set up benefits for my long term (or short term) readers of a drop of black.

natural hair gift guide

Each Patron on their first month will get a free consultation and we will set up a hair care action plan together then they will be added to a private group where all patrons can interact and every week we will have zoom webinars where I will be sharing on a certain topic and people can get their questions answered live and interact.

We will also have a group Pinterest board and whenever I come up with a new guide, you will get free access, you will also get discounts on Merch. Also, every quarter, we will give prizes to members of the squad to spice things up.

If you want to help make this program a success, fill in this survey. I need to know your thoughts and what will be most helpful to you so the program is a perfect fit.

Which of these is your favorite gift idea? Find me on social media and let’s talk.

Stay Jolly, Stay true,

A drop of black

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