Achieve your natural hair growth goals in 2021

All these years, you may have struggled to achieve your natural hair goals. You have struggled with natural hair growth or length retention or maybe scalp health. I know how that feels because the first half of my natural hair journey was spent in those conditions. I struggled with moisture and retention and my hair didn’t seem to grow any longer, I felt really stagnant.

2021 will be a different year though, this year you will learn everything you need to maintain health and length for your hair. You will have a community to journey with through your natural hair journey. There will be a group of friends for you to go on challenges with and share your experiences. You will have access to consultations whenever you need them. Finally, you will reach that level in your hair journey that you always wanted but thought was out of reach.

How? A drop of black natural hair growth program is here for you.

Natural hair growth program

What is ADOB natural hair growth program?

A drop of black natural hair growth program is a hair growth program dedicated to taking you from wherever you are on your natural hair journey to where you want to be. It is a monthly subscription program using the Patreon platform to set up benefits for natural hair gals and guys who are ready to take their hair care game to the next level. 

Each member on their first month will get a free consultation and we will set up a hair care action plan together. Then you will be a part of a private discord group where all patrons can interact. Every week we will have zoom webinars where I will be sharing on a certain topic and people can get their questions answered live and interact.

We will have a group Pinterest board. We will go on challenges together trying out new hair products or practices as a group. This will build accountability as we will look forward to checking in every weekend during the video discussions.

Every quarter, I will release a schedule on what we will be discussing in our weekly seminars. This is so you know what to look forward to and what you are paying for. You can tweak this schedule so it is suited to what is important to your natural hair growth at that particular time.

Every quarter, we will give prizes to members of the program who have been good allies over the quarter. This will serve as motivation for members to be more loving and active because we know that the natural hair community should propagate love and uplift us.

Does this already sound good to you? Then click the button below to become a member.

Still not convinced?

So you need more convincing? That is fine. If you want to know what the weekly sessions will look like, check out one of my informative webinars on YouTube. This one is on how genetics affects natural hair growth. I will be having other free webinars like this once a month.

Check out this YouTube playlist for the webinars or subscribe to my YouTube channel to get a notification every time there are free webinars. Hopefully, they will convince you and I will see you in a consultation soon.

While making your decision, take a look around the blog to get a feel of how much fact-based information I am committed to sharing. I recommend you start with these.

Will you like updates as the program unfolds?

I can’t wait to see you in our consultations and weekly sessions. Here’s to achieving goals this year!

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