How to detangle natural hair

I did a shrinkage challenge to see how low my hair can go, it was crazy. I looked like I had a low cut and definitely rocked that low cut look for a few days. Detangling my hair after that challenge though was a painstaking process. That is why I will be sharing with you my top tips on how to detangle natural hair.

Methods to detangle natural hair

There are two major ways to detangle hair;

Detangling with a tool

Using tools like brushes and combs are generally faster and less stressful. You also have to be careful to not yank or pull at your hair causing unnecessary breakage. For detangling with a comb, I highly recommend that you use a wide tooth comb to reduce snag and breakage.

Finger detangling

Finger detangling involves separating the hair clumps, unknotting tangles individually and finger combing, it can be a very time consuming process but its the best in terms of breakage and snag prevention, It can also be combined with using the comb but in my process I only used finger detangling.

how to detangle natural hair

Tools needed to detangle natural hair

What tools you will use depends on what method you want to use in detangling your hair. Some tools include;

Steps to detangle your natural hair

Step 1: Moisturize

A prelude to the detangling process, make sure your hair is always moisturized. This way it will be easier to manipulate and detangling involves a lot of manipulation. Dry hair is generally painful to handle and even if you will be spraying it, you will need to give it time for the moisture to really get into the strands before you start the process.

So the first step is to saturate your hair with water. If you have a water-oil mix or detangling conditioner then that is even better. The goal of this step is to give your hair slip and allow it to easily move against other strands without any snagging. This will allow less breakage and a smoother detangling process overall.

Step 2 : section

If you hair shrinks very much like mine, before sectioning you will probably have to use your hands to pull out the hair so its less shrunken and can be divided into sections.

The importance of sectioning your hair is that it makes the work easier to attack. Ever heard the saying ‘divided we fall’? That is how it works. Sections can be as little as 4 and as many as 8 or 12. This depends on how long your hair is and the volume of hair you have. I generally used to do 12 or 8 sections but now I can get away with 4 sections and so I roll with that.

Step 3: Start from the bottom

Whether you are using your fingers or a tool, start from the tips of your hair then work your way up towards the roots. This stops small knots from becoming bigger tangles.

Best practice is to first work on the bigger, more noticeable tangles with your fingers then you can start raking through with whatever tool you are using or your fingers.

Detangling your hair is great but it can be done too much. This will have negative effects like too much breakage and shedding and it is a waste of time. Learn more about too much detangling and what it can result in by reading this blog post.

How often do you detangle your hair? Drop a comment or check me out on Instagram for more behind the scenes of my blogging and natural hair journey.
Stay true, Be you
– Drop of black

3 thoughts on “How to detangle natural hair

  1. I used to use a wide tooth comb more when it was shorter, but I realized with my tight curl pattern and length, I need closer bristles. So now I use a Denman brush, and I’ve found that works a whole lot better for me! I wet my hair, apply conditioner as a leave in, then apply my favorite oil to seal in the moisture, then style!


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