How to trim your natural hair

One question that always gets asked over and over again is whether it is a good idea to trim natural hair? The argument is that if I want to grow my hair longer then why should I cut it? Is that not counter-productive? I will be answering that question and giving a little more insight to trimming in this blog post.

Trim natural hair

What is trimming?

Trimming means to reduce slightly or cut and it is also called dusting. It involves cutting off a small length at the tip of the hair always about half or quarter an inch. It gets the name dusting because cut hair can appear like dust on the floor from far.

Why you should trim your natural hair

Trimming basically involves cutting off dead ends, split ends or single strand knots. This is important because those dead or split ends can travel up the hair shaft making the hair look dry and unhealthy.

Have you ever noticed the ends of your hair being see through? That may mean its time for a trim. These see through ends if allowed to stay on for too long will continue to weaken your strands and end up causing breakage. This means you will lose more hair than you would have lost if you just did a regular trim.

So weigh the options and make the choice, which is more preferable? Healthy hair or weak hair strands?

Ways to trim your hair

To trim your hair, you can just divide your hair into sections, comb each section then cut off the ends or you can use any of these other methods below;

Trimming in braid/twist sections

I usually wear my hair in twists and braids so this is a method I use quite often. What you need to do is install medium sized twists and cut off the ends. For better results do not section your hair into 4 twists and call it a day, that will spare most dead ends and leave you with the same issues after the take down. Instead do smaller sections and cut a little above the dead ends.

Search and destroy

Using this search and destroy method is probably more time-consuming. It involves you searching out and cutting off single strand knots or split ends. This can be done after a light trim of the dead ends because there are usually those extra hairs that are not caught in the first trim and those knots that are just wilding.

In order to not cut higher up than is necessary, you can do a light trim for dead ends then search for the extra knots and split ends hiding amongst the healthy hair.

Straight hair trim

This form of hair trim involves you straightening your hair with whatever tool you choose. After your hair is straight, it is pretty easy to decipher where the dead ends reach and you can cut slightly above that with professional scissors.

How often should you trim your hair?

Dusting can be done at various time intervals, for some people, once a month, every three months, six months, and so on. I plan on doing mine once a year though just in case I end up cutting more than I intend to again.

Read about the negatives that come with trimming your hair too often in this post.

My first trim experience

I wrote about my first trim experience and had to take down the post while quality checking my blog. But I have a snippet you can read about how I felt here.

So on the 5th of January, 2017, I trimmed my hair for the first time. It was an emotional experience for me because although I planned on cutting off about half an inch I ended up cutting almost two inches, I had a lot of single strand knots I needed to get rid of.

A lot of people are like I don’t want to trim my hair it’s opposite of what I want, I want to retain length not cut my hair but to be honest, dusting is beneficial for the hair as long as you don’t overdo it like me and chop of two whole inches.

People trim their hair ends in various ways, some straighten their hair then cut the ends, some twist their hair then cut the tips, some just cut with their hair sectioned and all. I did mine with my hair in twists.

Tips for trimming your hair

  • Work in sections and detangle your hair first.
  • Get professional hair cutting shears. Paper scissors will not be good enough.
  • Get a professional if you can or someone to help make sure you don’t accidentally do a big chop.

How often do you trim your hair?
Stay healthy, stay cool
-Drop of black

4 thoughts on “How to trim your natural hair

  1. the very first trim is always hard, you feel like you are cutting off hair that took so long to grow haha. But trimming is indeed healthy for hair and gets rid of dead ends . I recently cut off about three to four inches in mine and may do a trim every quarter


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