How to twist your hair

how to twist type 4 hair

Before writing this post, I had a fun time trying to my boyfriend how to twist my hair. It was fun and ugly-looking at first but after a few tries he made something somewhat presentable.

That inspired this blog post because as easy as twists seem they are actually very easy to mess up. If you do it wrong it’ll keep loosening or looking puffy and weirdly shaped.

What are twists?

They are a form of low-manipulation hairstyle. It is easy to make and takedown, this is why I love using this style so much. I have written a post on what you need to do to use low manipulation styles like twists for natural hair growth.

Twists involve dividing the hair into sections then rotating the hair strands around one another in each section. There are single twists where you just twirl the hair with your fingers, two-strand, three-strand, flat twists. I will be elaborating on flat twists and two-strand twists.

Flat twists

To flat twist is really easy but at first it may be puffy and a little uneven, don’t give up. Practice makes perfect.

how to flat twist
  1. Section hair, one on top and one at the bottom.
  2. Then take a small part from the both sections and twist flat to the scalp.
  3. Add little amounts of hair to the twisted sections and keep twist on eachother
  4. Keep adding more hair to the top section and twisting till you are done.

Two strand twists

two strand twists
  1. Cut out a small section from the hair.
  2. Divide the section into two halves, try to make it as equal as possible.
  3. Twist each part of the strand on its self then twist it on the other strand.
  4. Keep twisting till you are done with the hair then twirl the tip with your fingers and you can apply castor oil to the ends.

Three-strand twists are done by the same steps in two strand twists. The only difference is dividing each section into three parts and twisting them on each-other.


  • Keep lightly pulling on the ends of the hair while twisting.
  • Brush the sides of the flat twist and you can apply edge control or leave-in conditioner when laying your edges.

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So that’s it, guys! Try it yourself and tell me how it went. I hope I’ve been able to help someone.

Have fun, stay protected.
– Drop of black.

8 thoughts on “How to twist your hair

  1. Here’s what I Am try to learn, to flat twist my already two strand twist, this is possible right? ? Well I guess first I need to learn to flat twist 😂 😂


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