A complete guide to low manipulation styles.

Have you ever gone through one of those times when you need to put your hair in a low manipulation style because you know you don’t have time to do anything special with it?

Or are you currently on a low manipulation type of hair care regimen where you’re leaving your hair alone so it can flourish at its own time? It can be quite confusing to know how to properly prep your hair for each style and make sure your hair is actually healthy and moisturized while its being left alone.

So today, I am giving you a full guide to low manipulation styles, from what to do before the style installation to best take down practices.

Before we go into that, you may want to watch my quick video on YouTube on how I styled my hair into a cute three cornrows hair style the day after my last wash day. It’s an easy style you can attempt for your hair and it protects your ends too.

Before the low manipulation style

Before putting your hair into whatever style, you have to make sure to do some things that will ensure that your low manipulation style will actually benefit your hair in the way it was intended. That is, for health, length retention and more free time.

1. Make sure you have a clean head

Wash your hair with a good shampoo, or co-wash of your hair isn’t that dirty. Just make sure your scalp is completely clean and your hair strands free of any residue from old hair styles. Then condition your strands as this will make then a whole lot softer and easier to handle when installing the hairstyle.

Learn more about the perfect wash day routine here.

2. Properly moisturize your hair

LOC or LCO whichever you chose, make sure to properly moisturize your hair because if its going to stay a particular way for the next few days then it needs to be well taken care of so its sustained during those days.

Learn more about moisturizing your hair here.

3. Detangle your hair

It’s best to do this as a part of your wash day routine. But just in case you forgot properly detangle your hair with your favourite tool. Or check out some good detangling tools on my amazon shop page here.

How to care for protective styles

During the low manipulation style

1. Don’t pull on your edges during installation

I know you want your hair to look super neat and cute, that is fine. But pulling on every last strand and baby hair will cause you to have pain from the tension and breakage. It’s not a worthy sacrifice to lose your edges over.

2. Keep your hair moisturized

Wear a bonnet, use a moisturizing spray, use a silk scarf or pillowcase. Anything to keep the moisture in your hair and not on random pillow surfaces. The goal is to keep your hair at the optimal moisturized level. This you can do by retaining the moisture you put in your hair at the start of the low manipulation style or using moisturizing sprays on your hair intermittently.

Learn more about 4 ever good moisturizing sprays you can choose from here.

3. Enjoy your low manipulation style

Take pictures with it, put cool accessories and just feel beautiful while at it. Because you are and you should enjoy every part of your hair care journey. Whether you are rocking a cute afro, braids and extensions or your hair in a low manipulation style.

Look at these cute accessories that will bring life to your hairstyle here.

After the low manipulation style

Your hair was in a cute low manipulation style for one or two weeks, you looked absolutely gorgeous but now its time to take it down.

1. Carefully loosen your hair

I know you’re a busy woman living life but whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Don’t just pull at your hair and hope it somehow gets loosened. That is basically an attempt to sabotage the health and growth of the past week or two.

Instead, apply a light oil on your fingers so that it lubricates the hair as you go and makes the process easier. You can check out some awesome hair oils that work great for natural hair here

2. Do a post-cleanse

I personally advocate that you don’t wash hair that isn’t dirty because that is what washing is for, cleaning dirty stuff. So if you feel your scalp is dirty, have another wash day or co-wash. And if it isn’t do a nice deep condition or hot oils session, your hair will thank you for that.

3. Let your hair breathe

Okay, you had your hair cooped up in the style you wanted for a week or two. Now its time to let your hair rest. Put it in a loose bun or wear an afro and just let your hair breathe. It will feel great for you, like a nice stretch after a work out session.

If because of work you have to style your hair, then do something easy you can take down at the end of the day and let your tresses rest, they deserve that much.

Low manipulation style guide

Now that you know exactly how to go about low manipulation styles. You should check out my Instagram post on top mistakes made by naturals when it comes to low manipulation styles so you know what to avoid.

What low manipulation style will you be trying out? You can check out my YouTube video for some inspiration and be sure to tag me when you post your hairstyle on instagram.

Be sure to find me on Instagram for some more behind the scenes of my blogging and hair care. Then subscribe to my YouTube channel for my weekly vlogs on life as a medical student.

Stay healthy, Stay happy.

– Drop of black

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