5 mistakes to avoid on your natural hair journey

It can be intimidating when you start your natural hair journey. There are so many new thing to learn about your hair and yourself in general, you are also prone to make a lot of mistakes but don’t fret, you are not alone.

As a natural for about 7 years, I have made my fair share of mistakes from my transitioning days till now probably too much to write here. If we are being honest, it is unavoidable to make mistakes since natural hair is not a one size fits all, you will need to learn some things yourself about your individual hair needs. However, today I will be sharing 5 totally avoidable mistakes that you should avoid on your natural hair journey.

Type 4 Natural hair journey mistakes

Natural hair journey mistakes

1. Obsessing over your hair

I feel like this is the easiest thing to do once you decide to be natural. Looking at all the people on YouTube and Instagram with healthy and full and long hair, its easy to start wondering when your hair will grow that long or if you are doing enough and turn what should be a fun process into a frustrating one.

Instead of obsessing over the diverse and quite overwhelming amount of information there is, its better to remind yourself that your hair will never be like another person’s. Also, your hair won’t grow overnight so stop doing a length check everyday. Enjoy each stage of growth and love yourself at every stage of your natural hair journey.

2. Washing your hair too often

Washing natural hair is something every natural has a love hate relationship with, when wash day is over your hair feels so perfectly soft and moisturized but the process is long and tiring.

If you do it too often your hair will dry out and if you do it too far out, your hair will be dirty. For more information on how often to wash your hair, read this blog post.

3. Wearing too tight hairstyles

This affects everybody, either natural or not. In the quest for good looking hair, it is tempting to want to grab every piece of hair and braid it into whatever style, or brush every hair strand into your puff or whatever hairstyle you are doing.

This practice will chop off your hairline slowly but surely and you will find yourself with a form of alopecia down the line. Instead, do hairstyles that aren’t so hard on your edges or just lay your edges with gels that won’t dry out your hair.

4. Over-moisturizing your hair

I have blog posts you can read here about how much is too much when it comes to moisturizing your hair. Too much moisture can sabotage your natural hair journey by causing hygral fatigue which is when your hair has too much moisture than it needs. That can cause breakage and get you farther from your hair goals.

How much is too much? – Moisture

How much is too much? – Moisturizing

5. Not trimming your hair

I know your hair length goal seems crazy out of reach and you are trying to save every inch of hair you can but not trimming off dead and split ends will cause breakage. This will happen because the split ends will keep splitting upwards and weakening your strands causing it to just break off longer pieces after a while.

Learn more about the importance of trimming your ends and how to not over do it in this blog post.

6. Not enjoying your natural hair journey

Your hair is an extension of who you are and caring for it shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun. I have made so many new friends and learnt a lot (somethings not even about hair) ever since I started my hair journey. That is something you should look forward to, enjoy the process of knowing your hair and have a great natural hair journey.

Natural hair journey mistakes

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What mistakes have you made on your hair care journey? what mistakes have I warned you to avoid? Be sure to find me on Instagram for some more behind the scenes of my blogging and hair care. Then subscribe to my YouTube channel for my weekly vlogs on life as a medical student.

Stay healthy, Stay happy.

– Drop of black

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