How to keep low porosity hair moisturized

One of the most important things to know when it comes to hair care is your hair porosity. There are three kinds; low porosity, normal or medium porosity and high porosity. They inform how you will care for your hair and keep it optimally moisturized.

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Understanding hair porosity

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What is low porosity hair?

Low porosity hair is the hair that doesn’t accept moisture easily, it has compactly closed cuticles that give it a hard and smooth feel and a shiny look. Its closed cuticles also make it hard for moisture or products to penetrate into the shaft or move out the shaft.

Finding out your hair porosity has all been explained here, but the best way to know for sure is with the hair in water test, find out more about it here.

Understanding hair porosity

How to care for your low porosity hair

The key to caring for this hair porosity type is in making sure you can lift the hair cuticles to let enough moisture and nutrients get into the hair shaft and in doing this a healthy amount of heat is needed. This includes using warm water during wash day, using a hooded dryer or heating cap during your deep conditioning routine, or using warm water as the liquid in your LOC method.

Avoid applying too many products as it will most likely sit on the surface of your hair causing unnecessary build up and requiring you to wash your hair more than necessary which can cause dryness and continue the vicious cycle of dryness.

Don’t do too much

Because your hair doesn’t open up easily to moisture, its very tempting to obsess about heat and shower your hair non stop with warm water so it can accept whatever product you want to apply. If someone just came to you constantly squirting water in your face how will you feel? Upset right? That is what you do to your hair when you don’t let it alone.

Okay maybe your hair won’t tell you to get off it’s back verbally but there is something called hygral fatigue and that is what you are strolling casually into by overdoing things.

Hygral fatigue occurs due to over swelling of the hair cuticle and as water comes in (which occurs during conditioning or deep conditioning or just random wetting) and excessive shrinking as it dries. it leads to inelastic and brittle hair and in the long run breakage.

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Stay hydrated, stay beautiful.

-Drop of black