The ultimate natural hair care regimen

Caring for your hair without actual hair care regimen can be a big mistake, there’ll be times you’ll smother your hair and times you’ll ignore your hair and these phases can affect your hair negatively.

The key to hair care is consistency and balance and a good hair regimen can help you with both. However, it’s one thing to have a hair care regimen and another thing to stick to it. Luckily, I’ve got you covered on both ends.

What is a hair care regimen?

A regimen is an organized list of hair care processes you’ll carry out on your hair and their timeline. It involves the activities to carry out daily up to those you’ll carry out yearly.

Some processes involved in a hair regimen include; deep conditioning, shampoo washes, conditioner washes, hair rinses, LOC application, detangling, trimming, e.t.c.

Your regimen should contain all these processes and how often to do them.

Things to keep in mind when setting up a your regimen

  • Your regimen will most likely differ from that of people you know because your hair needs differ.
  • Your hair needs will change from time to time so you need to be flexible with your regimen if the need arises.

Demo hair care regimen

Here is a demo hair regimen that I used to follow. You can use this as a template to create yours.

  • Daily (every other day) LOC application
  • Weekly Detangling
    Styling (dependent on the styles)
    Deep conditioning
    Scalp massage.
  • Bi- weekly Co-wash / Shampoo wash (alternating every two weeks).
  • Every 3 months Trimming

Acting on your regimen

Now you have your hair regimen written out, there are two options.

You can leave it on your phone or notebook and two weeks later forget that it even exists or incorporate it to your calender and work with it every time.

The second option is the better option just in case you’re wondering.

I like to dedicate a certain day of the week to my hair, days like these are for wash days or deep treatments.

Hair care regimen

There are times when some actions will be skipped like styling if you do a long time hairstyle can be once a month but even in these hairstyles, moisturizing and scalp cleansing shouldn’t be stopped.

The most important part of any regimen is discipline and consistency if not you’ll not gain optimal results.

Reach out to me for more insight you may need. Be sure to recommend this site to your friends and enroll in my online course “demystifying natural hair” for more insight.

Stay organized, stay popping.

Drop of black.

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