How to get thicker hair without supplements

Who doesn’t want thick hair? I do. And my hair is already pretty thick. If you’re looking for how you’ll get your thicker hair without supplements then you’re in the right place.

The main reason why some people have thicker hair than others is genetics but asides that there are other things that can lead to thin hair or scanty hair. This blog post will highlight those reasons and how to work against them and get the full head of hair you desire.

Why your hair may thin hair

  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Too tight hair styles
  • Chemical processing
  • Excessive heat application
  • Medical reasons

How to grow thicker hair

If your genes encode for thinner hair, you probably may not have you hair looking like Milka Yemima but you can maximize your hair growth and volume naturally by using these tips.

1. Have a healthy scalp

A healthy scalp is the first place to start. Hair grows out of the scalp so if its healthy and clean, hair will grow healthier. And if it is unhealthy, hair growth will be stunted or even stop completely.

Alyson Morales shares her experience with scalp health and how important it is for proper hair growth in this post here.

2. Scalp massages

This is one of the ways to have a healthy scalp but I gave it a honourable mention because scalp massages stimulate blood flow which nourishes hair follicles causing optimal hair growth.

3. Eating for hair growth

What kind of foods you eat has a strong correlation with how well your hair grows because it affects your health

4. Water

Water is vital for everything. While moisturizing your tresses is important, hydrating yourself is even more important. If you are dehydrated your body can’t function optimally, this in turn will affect your hair health, skin health and general appearance.

Drink the recommended amount of water a day for an all round healthier life.

5. Proper hair care

If you can’t take adequate care of the hair you already have then how do you expect more to come? And if it does how will you take care of it?

Which of these tips will you be incorporating? What other tips can you suggest?

Are you ready to achieve your hair goals?

A drop of black natural hair growth program is designed to take you from where you are on your hair care journey to where you want to be. It is a monthly subscription program run through Patreon. It gives you access to awesome benefits that will help on your hair journey, they include;

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  • A private discord group.
  • A group Pinterest board.
  • A community of naturals to go on challenges with, try out new products, and share experiences or advice.
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  • Discounts on merch and access to guides whenever they come out.

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Stay hydrated, stay you.

Drop of black

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