Type 4 natural hair influencers you should be following on Instagram and YouTube

Ones of my favourite things about natural hair is the community that comes with it. When it comes to community, the role of hair influencers is one that can’t be overlooked.

They provide hair inspiration, advice and are relatable with hair struggles. An issue we see often is a lack of representation for type 4 hair especially 4c but that is changing rapidly. If you have type 4 hair and you’ve been searching for influencers with hair like you then you’ve come to the end of your search.

I have type 4c natural hair and these some of my favourite hair influencers (in no particular order) with similar hair types include;

Jetton hair care

Jetton hair care influencer

Briyana Jetton has an instagram page full of natural hairstyles for you to try. Her hair is 3c, 4a but all her hair styles can be worn by 4c. I actually used her graduation themed hairstyle inspo for my graduation earlier this year and it came out lovely.

Find her on Instagram @jettonhaircare.

Joi Wade

Joi Wade on YouTube

Joi has type 4b, 4c hair, she is a lifestyle and beauty influencer on Instagram and YouTube and she also has her own blog www.joiwade.com. She posts hair care videos as well as videos about making the best of your college years. If youre in college or about to get into college or planning to apply then you should follow her.

She’s @joiwade_ on instagram and Joi Wade on YouTube.

Halfrican beaute

Halfrican beaute

Isi or Halfrican beaute is one of the most popular influencers in the natural hair community and the black community overall. She posts lifestyle and hair care videos on her YouTube and is very active on Instagram.

I definitely will advice you to follow her everywhere because her feed is such a vibe. She is very real, humble and relates with her community every chance she gets.

She is @halfricanbeaute on Instagram and Halfrican Beaute on YouTube.

Gabrielle Xsara

Gabrielle Natural hair influencer

Gabrielle is such a light to my Instagram feed, this UK based naturalista posts natural hair related posts on her Instagram and YouTube channel. She may not have a ton of followers yet but I assure you she’s going to be a force to reckon with very soon.

Find her on Instagram @gabriellexsara and Gabrielle Xsara on YouTube.

Only one Jess

Only one Jess on YouTube

If you are looking for a type 4 natural with coloured hair then Jess is your girl. This brown skinned beauty posts natural hair and life style posts on YouTube and is very active on Instagram.

Find her on Instagram @onlyonejess_ and Only one Jess on YouTube.

Naturally high hair

Naturally high hair

This type 4c natural posts informative content on her YouTube and Instagram, she has a low manipulative approach to her natural hair care regimen which I totally relate to.

Find her on Instagram @naturally_high_hair and Naturally high on YouTube.

Afro cat

Afro cat hair care

I stumbled on this young influencer a while ago, just like jetton she has an Instagram page full of natural hair styles and looks. She also has coloured hair so if your hair is coloured then you’ll love her content to much.

Find her on Instagram @afrocat365.

Roothie Patootie

Roothie Patootie on YouTube

Ruth is a Nigerian hair care influencer for natural hair and beauty in general. She is a pharmacist and a total fun lover and her videos are awesome.

Find her on Instagram @roothie_patootie and Roothie Patootie on YouTube.

Star puppy

Stat puppy Danielle Glover

I haven’t been a follower of Danielle for so long but I absolutely love her. She is unapologetically weird and very insightful, she posts natural hair and lifestyle content and has a very soothing yet lively voice.

Find her @starpuppy_ on Instagram and Star Puppy on YouTube.

A drop of black

A drop of black Adebisi Toni

You were expecting this right? A drop of black is owned by Toni, a natural hair and skin care enthusiast. She posts hair and skin care as well as lifestyle content on Instagram and YouTube.

Find her on Instagram @oluwatoni.adebisi and Oluwatoni on YouTube.

Amber Ansah

Amber Ansah on YouTube

Amber is a honourable mention, her hair is mostly type 3 but her page is a minefield for natural hair girls when it comes to product reviews. If you will like to try a new curling or straightening method or any thing relatively new in the natural hair community then she has probable reviewed it.

Her YouTube channel is Amber Ansah.

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Type 4 Natural Hair Influencers

Which of these influencers do you follow? What other influencers do you love?

Don’t forget to comment and follow me on Instagram for behind the scene of all my blog posts and uploads.

Stay beautiful, stay you.

Drop of black

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