Natural hair accessories to rock this summer

Summer is on us!

It’s about time for bikinis and beaches and vacations. Summer is the best time to show off your natural hair and beautiful accessories make it even easier to do so.

I have listed my favourite accessories for you all to try out this summer.

Natural hair accessories

1. Flowers

Pinning flowers into your hair is great, there is this natural beauty vibe that comes with it and if the flower smells great it’s a plus.

You can use artificial or natural flowers, You’ll only have to be careful about bees with natural flowers though.

2. Head wraps

Head wraps can be turbans or scarves. They can be plain or printed and they look good everytime.

They can be life-savers when you have a bad hair day or they spruce up your hair style. You can also style them in a large variety of ways which makes then a must-have for any naturalista.

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3. Flower crowns

Flower crowns are beautiful accessories, they work great for spring and even better for summer.

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4. Hair clips

Hair clips do more than hold hair in place, they also give it life and extra beauty.

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5. Jewel pins

Why wouldn’t you want to adorn your hair with bejewelled clips and pins?

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6. Head bands

They’re quite similar to headwraps but they deserve a separate category for looking so cute.

7. Hats

The sun is out so what better way to protect your face from its harsh rays and look stylish?

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Which of these accessories will you be trying out this summer?

Stay beautiful, stay you

– Drop of black

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