Wash day routine for type 4 natural hair

Wash day is one day every natural hair girl can relate to. Whether you love it or hate it, we have all experienced it and have to go through with it atleast once a month.

Wash day is that one day of intense hair treatment where you cleanse your strands and scalp then supply it with fresh nutrients and moisture. It’s one day to really pamper your hair.

Every washday routine is different and contains different processes depending on what works for your hair.


My wash day routine consists of 5 major processes;

          • Pre-poo/detangle

          This is one of the pre-shampoo rituals. Its aim is to ensure the stripping effect of the shampoo is minimized.

          Apply an oil mix all over your hair from the tip to roots or use a conditioner with slip (you can mix both), detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb, brush or with your fingers.

          Section your detangled hair into about 8 parts, twist these parts and leave the pre-poo in for about 30 minutes. Be sure to cover your hair with a shower cap or nylon bag.

                  • Co-wash

                  After the pre-poo time is up, rinse it out with a conditioner and water. If you used a conditioner before then just rinse with water.

                            • Shampoo

                            After the pre-poo and conditioner is rinsed out, apply shampoo. Shampoo should be applied to the scalp in small quantities as the dirt is on the scalp and it should foam up easily.

                            Massage the shampoo into the scalp with your finger tips to raise the dirt. The shampoo will wash off on the strands cleaning them in the process of rinsing out.

                                    • Deep condition

                                    After your shampoo is rinsed out completely comes the deep conditioning step. In this step you apply a hair mask, DIY or store bought.

                                    The hair mask or deep conditioner is applied to the hair from the root to tip and left in for about 30 minutes while covering the hair with a plastic cap. Extra heat may be added for low porosity to normal porosity hair types.

                                    The deep conditioner is then completely rinsed out with water. You can read about my deep conditioning routine here.

                                              • LOC application/styling

                                              You are almost done, congratulations! After rinsing out your hair, you wrap it in a microfiber towel or cotton shirt to dry it.

                                              Once it is damp you moisturize with the LOC application. Liquid, oil and cream in that order or the LCO order. This is the point you unravel your twisted sections, you can be sure your hair is still well detangled.

                                              After moisturizing you can style on your now moisturized damp hair or wait for it to completely dry before styling. That depends on the style in mind.


                                              This wash day routine only needs to be carried out once a month. It may be less often or more often dependent on your regimen.

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                                              Stay clean, stay informed

                                              – Drop of black

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