Christmas natural hair styles

Christmas is almost here, there are so many get togethers and parties this time of the year.

My definite go to style is something protective like braids, twists, crochet or the likes but sometimes there’s no time for that or no funds. I understand totally and I’ve got you covered.

Getting your hair ready may become a tiresome chore especially if you’re low on creativity. I have decided to help you out by giving you seven 5-minute natural hairstyle options full of christmas cheer.

1. Pineapple

Christmas natural hair styles

This is probably one of the easiest hairstyles to do.

All you need is good gel and a nice firm brush so make sure your pineapple is sleek and you got yourself one mighty fine-apple.

2. Crown braid

Crown braid christmas hair style

Get your hair in the Christmas cheer by adding coloured extensions or Christmas themed hair ornaments.

This hairstyle takes less than 5 minutes and will bring out your Christmas cheer no doubt.

3. Chignon


This elegant hairstyle can be worn at any occasion, from a day at the park to an evening cocktail party you’ll still look beautiful and poised.

Flat twist christmas hairstyle

4. Flat twists

Christmas flat twists style

Flat twists can literally be styled anyway. From tiny flat twists to jumbo sized twists you can’t go wrong with this easy hairstyle option.

Christmas natural hair styles

If you don’t know hpw to flat twist, read this tutorial here. Its really as easy and A, B, C!

Flat twist updo

5. Fro

This is a no-brainer. Let your hair lose in its natural state or do a twist out, braid out or wash and go.

Messy fro styles

Christmas afro style

What styles will you be rocking this Christmas?

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Christmas natural hair style

Whatever style you decide to do this holiday season. Just make sure you have a great time!

Stay cheerful, stay you.

– Drop of black

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