How to make natural hair less time consuming

One of the most complaints I’ve heard about natural hair is that it’s time-consuming and stressful and so many things like that. I probably have felt that way at some point in my journey but right now I’m enjoying the best of both worlds with my hair.

I have compiled my top hacks to make you stop finding natural hair time consuming.

1. Build a regimen

The power of organisation at its finest. Building a regimen helps you because you have a designated time set for your hair and that is constant every week.

The High Performance Planner

You don’t need to rush to wash your hair between the week or find yourself spending 2 hours detangling some random day because you’ve already set apart the time you will do those things. You feel more productive and trust me you’ll feel happier which will help your hair in the long run.

Natural hair regimen 2019

Learn more about building a regimen here.

See my hair care regimen here.

2. Breaking down the processes

Some people don’t have the luxury of dedicating a full day to their hair so the next best thing which is still in line with setting up a regimen, break your regimen into two days.

Instead of pre-poo then wash then condition and everything you can pre-poo overnight (not too often) and do the remaining processes the next day or wash and style your hair the next day, especially if you’re doing some complicated style.

You can break your hair styling into days like when doing mini twists, do the first half one day and the second half another. This way it won’t feel like you just spent the last 8 hours getting an arm workout or sitting on a stiff chair.

3. Do other things

When you’re doing your hair don’t just sit doing your hair, do something else. Watch a movie, talk with friends, do something productive (just don’t cook) to make time fly, and make you kill two birds with one stone.

This way when you’re done you’re thinking, I just spent the last two hours making my hair and doing something else I like.

4. Stop over-thinking

If you spend too much time thinking “natural hair time consuming” related thoughts then you will feel like you spend too much time on your hair.

Stressful natural hair

Take a break, do low manipulation styles and just stop stressing on your hair. You’ll find its not as time consuming as you make it to be once you start putting less thought on it.

5. Enjoy your hair

Taking care of your hair shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun. Get your friends that you do your hair with or do fun styles and document them.

Natural hair styles 2019

Understand your hair and figure out the optimal way to care for it while not spending excessive time or neglecting your hair and you’ll find that you’ll fall into a routine with your hair making it a fun part of your normal life routine.

Which of these do you wish to incorporate?

Are you ready to achieve your hair goals?

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Stay efficient, stay true.

Drop of black.

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