Demystifying natural hair – 5 day online course

Hair care course

Every day I am asked by different people how to care for their hair, how to make it soft and products to use and I am always willing to help so I ask them to hit me up and after a while I realize that they don’t even know the basic things needed to be able to understand your hair to effectively take care of it.

There is this misconception about natural hair being stressful or hard to care for and this is something that needs to be debunked. Natural hair care can be made as easy as possible once you understand your hair and what it needs. You don’t even need to spend a ton of money like is generally believed.

This course will be an online course ranging over 5 days. I will be teaching the basics of natural hair and what you need to know to kickstart your healthy hair journey.

The course will involve 11 topics which will be treated within the time line and there will be a quiz at the end of each lesson to ensure that you remember the most important points of the lesson.


  • A reduced rate of consultation for participants.

Course outline

1. Natural hair terminologies

2. Health or length?

3. Knowing your hair type

4. Knowing your hair porosity

5. Important hair care processes

6. Setting up a hair regimen

7. Moisturizing your hair and hydration

8. Heat (Good and bad)

9. Length retention

10. Protective styling

11. Understanding hair products

Buy the course now at a 60% discounted price.

Stay popping,

Drop of black

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