New things!

Hey guys!

It’s been 1 year, I’ve grown as a person and as a blogger, the glam fam has blossomed from just a group of readers to something more and I told you I had something cooked up for you.

Here it is!

I decided to self host!

I am still getting the hang of it because I just bought my domain yesterday but I knew I had to tell you guys today since its a momentous day for this blog.

I am officially !

I am so excited because this is a whole realm in my journey as a blogger. I will be able to properly monetize my blog and have access to loads of plugins to make the reading experience better for you and its just going to be lit.

Show me some love my following me and if you have any tips or ideas to make more out of my domain be sure to comment.

Thank you so much for your love.

Stay glam, stay true.

-Drop of black ☆

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