Planning for the new school year

Back to school

Hey guys!

It’s back to school season! I think I heard someone groan but I’m actually excited for this year. It’ll be my final year in university and I can’t wait to get it done with and enjoy the motions while getting it done with.

University is such an awesome experience, you get to meet so many people, learn new things and join so many clubs but its also very easy to get carried away in all the side attractions and forget about your academics till exam time which will result in inadequate preparation and you know what that can cause.

Before the beginning of the semester it is important to plan how you want it to go. It won’t be very detailed planning but an overview that can guide you through that semester.

There are four major aspects that need to be planned and they are;

  • Extra-curricular activities

One thing I do is that I plan all the activities I’ll do, I’ll have a maximum of clubs I plan on joining, how many days I’ll stat out late and things like that so in school I’ll know that when no matter how many clubs are enticing I know I’ll join two, I know I’ll only stay out 4 days a week and I won’t get carried away with how much fun I can see going on from my room window.

  • Finances

I know how much I will be getting per month so I plan how much I will spend and how much to save, this may be hard for freshers since you don’t exactly know how things are sold and all but if you’re in your second, third or fourth year then it’ll be easy for you.

  • Feeding

In my school you won’t need to do much about this because they provide food but if you will be catering for yourself, plan out how often you will eat out and food preparation so you don’t waste all your money eating fast food or catered food.

  • Health

How often will you exercise? Will you join a gym? How often will you visit the gym? Will you join a sport team? That’s a part of extracurricular activity and you should add that when making list of extra curricular groups.

  • Hair care

Do you think you will be able to get up every morning to style your hair? Would you prefer extensions, weaves or braids? Know how often you’ll do these styles and plan for the weaves or braids before hand. Get your attachment before school if you can so you won’t spend money on those.

  • Socials

How many social events do you want to attend all semester? These events take planning and money, if you’re going to a concert you’ll need tickets so have a plan for social events from day 1 so you won’t find out you spent all your money attending 6 events when you normally can only afford 3.

One thing that will help you to be efficient through out your next school year is to get a daily planner. You can use my template below also.

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