Taking your health journey as a lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

Hey guys!

So I set on this journey to be for the summer but as the summer is rounding up I am no where near my goal weight but I generally feel healthier. I binge eat less, drink a lot of water and have made some changes that I know I will carry on with for the long term.


In any fitness journey or weight loss journey, once you see it as a seasonal thing and after that season of weight loss you decide to let lose or something you will find that the level of fitness or the weight loss you attained will slowly and surely be reversed.

This is probably why I have had to go on journeys every summer but after a while I forget about it and do anything then I find myself the next summer thinking, “This isn’t my personal body goal, I should do something about it,” then I start the vicious cycle again.

Healthy living or a weight loss journey should not just come as a one time thing. It should be a life style, after you attain the goal weight you shouldn’t just kick back and relax, instead you should work on maintaining that weight and overall maintaining the habits of living a healthy life.

Lately, I’ve found that I’ve been losing appetite for things I could eat three times a day like ice cream, or carbonated drinks and it’s not even intentional! I find myself looking at food labels to see which is healthy but has less calorie quantity, I’m planning on having a 24/7 fruit ammo when school resumes so I’ll snack healthy and other things that will generally have a positive effect on my health as a person.

That is what a true health journey should be, a long term thing where you will be living a healthy, fit life not just fad diets or intense exercise you know you won’t follow up on.

Get your health goal, how do you see yourself health wise in the next five years? How will your endurance for physical ability be? What will your weight range be? What will your body look like? And start working towards it today.

Make healthy living a habit and a lifestyle not a challenge you do every first four weeks of the year or the month preceding summer vacation.

Weight loss update

Last waist cm: 75.5cm

Current waist cm: 76cm

Last weight (Kg) : 79kg

Current weight (kg): 78kg

I followed an exercise routine this week then stopped thursday because I was getting stressed somewhat with having to go out in the mornings and get home late in the evenings.


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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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