Fro friend : Celai West

Celai West

Hey guys!

Our Fro friend for July is the beautiful Celai West. A young lady I found on Instagram who is doing her natural hair sisters proud!

1. What is your name and give us an insight into what you do?
My name is Celai West, I’m 10 and I model, act and own my own tee company (

2. How long have you been natural?
Actually, I’ve been natural my whole life.

3. What is your hair type?
Mom said my hair is a 4c but now that we’ve been doing more deep conditioning and protein treatments, she said I have curls now and could maybe be a 4b/c.

4. What is your hair porosity?
When we did the test, it came out low porosity and when we started using heat to moisturize and deep condition, my hair felt so much better!!

5. Why did you turn natural?
Umm, I was born this way.

6. What is your favourite thing about hair?
My favorite thing about my hair is how big it can get. I really like it when it’s really big but I also like that mom can do so many things with it and make it always look different.

7. What is your least favourite thing about hair?
My least favorite thing about my hair? Nothing really….except for when we go on set, a LOT of times, they don’t know what to do with it or they make it look really crazy.

8. What is your hair goal? Moisture, Length or Volume?

My goal is to keep it moisturized so it can get longer so it can have even MORE volume! Like HUGE volume!

9. What three hair products or tools can’t you do without in a week?

Hmm, ok, I for sure can’t do without my PuffCuff Clamp because it keeps my ponytails really full and it doesn’t pull it tight. I can’t go without my Hair of Nature LOC set because mom always uses it to moisturize my ends mid week. And, for sure, I can’t go without my TGIN stuff. I use their Edge Control every day! And when we wash (weekly), we use their sulfate-free shampoo and their Hair Mask.

10. What is your go-to hair style?
My go-to hairstyle is my ponytail with my PuffCuff. Then sometimes I wear a headwrap with it but I’m DEFINITELY too old for ponytails.

11. What part of your hair regimen can’t you do without?
The deep conditioning seems to be the best because my hair really loves it. Mom is even teaching me how to apply the conditioner myself.

12. Would you say you’re obsessed with your hair?
Oh yes. I am. I’m obsessed with it being big but mom says we have to do protective styles too so it stays healthy so I’m learning to like it when it’s up too.

13. How do you deal with the urge to compare your hair with others?
I never compare myself or my hair to anyone else.

14. Have you ever been segregated or treated negatively because of your hair?
Umm, yeah. One time, an agent told my mom my hair was too big and needed to be “trimmed back” (like a bush). And mom gets upset a lot because in LA, they only like curly hair, not kinky hair.

15. What are your interests?
I really like slime and my favorite subjects in school are math and science. I also like designing/sketching clothes for my dolls.

16. How can we reach you?

That is it guys! Celai is really wonderful and I’m sure you would agree with me. I am also looking for that hair volume, the bigger the better.

If you have a beautiful Afro you want to show off or you want to publicize your hair blog or YouTube channel, reach out to me in my contacts page and get featured!

Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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