Motivation to keep fit (or lose weight)

Hey guys!

One of the hardest things after making a decision to be healthier or to lose weight is to actually stick to that decision and not get tired or give up along the way to the goal and this is something I have faced for the past three years.

Every summer I start a goal to be healthier get to a certain weight or something and the first year I was successful to an extent but the second year I started well and gave up before I got anywhere.

I decided that this year must be different mostly because after my graduation next year I won’t have a lax summer like this year’s and I will be going to med school and I want to start with optimum fitness, mentally and physically.

Say yes to moisturized hair!

How to stay motivated.

I divided this into a series because the post became really long when I started writing the pointers to stay motivated but here are the first two;

  • Get clothes a smaller size;

If you want to become a size smaller or two sizes, an easy way to motivate yourself is to get a really nice outfit in that goal size and keep it as a motivation. Try it out every month or week depending on your time line till you can fit into the clothes easily.

  • Reward yourself;

On the way to your target weight or body size or fat ratio, set smaller milestones and at each milestone you will get yourself a prize.

When you get halfway to your goal you can decide to buy yourself something nice, it could be an exercise tool, a smoothie blender or something that will help you attain your goal easier.

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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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