How to identify your hair type

Hair types

It’s no news that African hair is blessed with a lot of volume and beautiful curls but as it gets down curls become coils and as it goes up it becomes waves. I am interested in the curls and coils so that will restrict me to the hair types 3 and 4.
Do you know your hair type? If not then Don’t worry, you at the right place!

Type 3 hair

Type 3 hair is the curly ‘S’ shaped pattern and it ranges from type 3a to 3c and has about 50% shrinkage on an average.

  • 3a: This is looser and overall shinier.
  • 3b: This is in between, less shiny and has a ringlet like appearance.
  • 3c: This is corkscrew like in appearance.

Type 4 hair

Type 4 hair has even tighter coils that are called kinks. It ranges from 4a to 4c just like the other types and can have up to 80% shrinkage.

  • 4a is the most defined of this type it has been said to have an ‘S’ pattern when stretched while the type
  • 4b is said to have a ‘Z’ pattern and
  • 4c is like a tighter version of 4a with tight coils and is the least shiny so you have to be intentional about giving your hair shine.

Is that still confusing? Here is a hair chart;

One important thing I need to point out is that most of the time, a person will have more than one hair type on their head, such as 3a in front and 3b at the sides or something similar to that. So you don’t need to know the specifics, it’s just a means of classification with a lot of blurred lines.

Also, hair type isn’t a necessary tool needed to know how to care for your hair, hair porosity is the major knowledge you need for you to know the kind of products to use.
Do you know your hair type now? What is it, I’m dying to know!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.
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Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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