My individual crochet Havana twists – NO CORNROWS! NO KNOTTING!

Havana twists

Hey guys!

So it’s rainy season here, I’m on holiday and I am not really going anywhere so I’m not really motivated to do anything to my hair asides wash day and my in between co-washes and hair treatments then styling it for the weekends when I go out.

I decided that instead of packing my hair up all week I should put in a protective style because I feel like my hair hasn’t been retaining much length lately and because I felt it’ll look nice. I was going to do faux locs but my mum got Havana twists and I took what I got.

Products used

Pre installation

Before installing the twists on my hair I made sure to;

  • properly detangle my hair
  • Wash my hair
  • Moisturize my hair with LOC method

The process

It took me two days to finish this hairstyle because it was my first time trying to crochet myself and I had watched videos on faux locs but got Havana twists and the process may be similar but it wasn’t the same. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out the first one and I ended up watching a new YouTube video which explained it although it took me a while to completely get the hang of it.
Sectioning; I had 60 crochet pieces so I divided my hair into 60 sections but I wasn’t going to use the knotting method so I didn’t braid up my sections. I left them in lose twists till I got to them.

After sectioning, I approached each loosely twisted section by;

  • Dividing my section into two parts (the sizing doesn’t matter).
  • With my crochet needle, I passed one of the parts through the crochet hole before proceeding to braid your hair. This way, the crochet is secure, your hair can be braided according to how tight you want and there is literally no tension to your scalp.
  • when my hair is braided, I slightly unravelled the twist and wrap it round my hair so that my hair is in the middle of the twist.
  • I do this till my hair is no longer visible and that’s it!
  • I repeated this 59 times and as I worked through it, I got faster so it took me less time to crochet each section.

After installation

The first thing I noticed was how tension free this style was, except towards the edges where I had to hold it a bit tighter when braiding and even that wasn’t so tight that ill be uncomfortable or getting a headache or blisters.

I made my Ankara satin bonnet myself and I would love to make for you at a cheap price if you’re interested. Open to Babcock students.

My care regimen

Caring for this style will be very easy since most of my hair is covered I only have to worry about my roots and I spray my leave-in conditioning mist and I’m good to go. You can also make an oil spray for your scalp but don’t use heavy oils to avoid build up.

I also use my satin bonnet every night and my hair is three weeks old but not frizzy as I know it would normally be by now. I plan on leaving this hairstyle for 5-6 weeks and I know I would be able to reuse the crochet if I want in future because it’ll still be neat.

Three weeks old Havana twists

Things to take into consideration

  • If you have long hair make sure to buy a longer product. The twist my mum got was 14″ when I measured it and my hair is about 12″, because of the really thin parts at the ends I had some sections that my hair was sticking out and I had to stretch the crochet a little so my hair can be completely covered.

  • Don’t cut sections that are bigger (or almost the same size) than the crochet, let it be considerably smaller, If your sections are too fat it may affect the style because you will have spaces where your hair will show and If you have the issue of your hair showing you pull the crochet up your hair so it can close up the gaps.
  • Using a satin bonnet you won’t need to moisturize with your spray as much since the hair wont be loosing much moisture.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.

Check out my new YouTube video on shealoe butter for hair and skin

Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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