Black tea rinse

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Hey guys!

So I’ve been experimenting with several hair rinses lately; I’ve done the ACV rinse and now a black tea rinse and soon enough I’ll be doing a rice water rinse.

So a black tea rinse as the name implies its rinsing your hair with black tea completely saturating it and, leaving it in for a bit then rinsing it off.

Usefulness of a black tea rinse.

A black tea rinse is majorly used fo combat shedding, it contains caffeine which acts to inhibit the action of DHT which is the hormone responsible for hair shedding.

It also strengthens the hair and gives it shine.



  • Water
  • Black tea


The first aspect of the process is preparing your tea and it involves steeping about 3-5 tea bags in 2-3 cups of boiling hot water then leaving it till it cools which may take 30 minutes to an hour.

After the tea is prepared I went about my process by;

  • Saturating my hair with black tea.
  • Applying a deep conditioner of my choice
  • Leaving both in for about 10 -15 minutes
  • Rinsing both products out with water.


I can’t really say I noticed a result immediately because I did this in the night and I wouldn’t have paid attention to shine anyways but my hair did feel nice and soft.


  • It has a slight drying effect which may be an issue for low porosity hair. This is why you can’t leave it in too long.
  • Don’t use too much. Moderation is key.

How often?

You can do this every two weeks and can stretch it as much as six to seven weeks. It depends on what works for your hair.

Have you ever tried a tea rinse? What were your results?

Please comment anything I’ve left out or any questions you have. Don’t forget to check out my hair products or book a consultation if you think you need an in depth discussion about your hair and finding what works for you.

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Stay beautiful, Stay you

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