How much is too much? -Washing

Hey guys!

Today I will be talking about washing your hair. Washing your hair either with shampoo or conditioner serves one major purpose; cleaning your scalp.

First things first, there is a lot of controversy on whether to wash with shampoo or co-wash because shampoo strips the hair (Dedicated post on sulphate or no sulphate coming soon).

I personally believe a shampoo should be used to cleanse the scalp when it’s dirty and a conditioner should be used when it’s dirty but not with as much build up because a conditioner was not created to cleanse the scalp and although it may do the job it won’t be as well as a shampoo which was created for cleansing.


Co washing is washing with a conditishampooingoner as we know and its mostly to restore moisture and nutrients but it may also help to cleanse the scalp although it won’t do a thorough job.

Understandably a lot of people co-wash their hair to supplement for a shampoo wash, spacing the shampoo days so as to reduce the stripping effect of the shampoos but I don’t subscribe to co-washes taking over shampoos completely.



Shampooing is good for the hair, cleansing the scalp and opening clogs in thr hair follicles so seamless growth can occur but when done excessively it can dry out the hair and scalp which will have negative effects on hair growth.

Striking the balance

I use an alternating sort of schedule for my washes, i wash ny hair with shampoo in the beginning of the month then with a conditioner half way through and it works for me.

However, there are people who get build up faster or whose hair gets dirty faster and for that I can recommend washing your hair with shampoo every two weeks and a co-wash the week in between.

There are also people who push their wash days to six weeks and as I always say it depends on whst works for you. If you think you get maximum result with your current regimen then stick to it.

I hope this post was informative. Please comment anything I’ve left out or any questions you have. Don’t forget to check out my hair products or book a consultation if you think you need an in depth discussion about your hair and finding what works for you.

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Stay beautiful, Stay you

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6 thoughts on “How much is too much? -Washing

  1. I completely agree with this! Doing what’s best for your hair is key. I usually need a deep cleanse once a week but if I feel icky and have a little product build up I surely would wash during the week too. Well said!


  2. Yep. Finding the balance is key. I’ve been natural over 5 years and only last year did I discover the same regimen as yours was better for me and my schedule. I was surprised I didn’t need to wash as frequently


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