Apple Cidar Vinegar for weight loss

Apple cidar vinegar

Hey guys!

So everybody has probable heard about Apple Cider vinegar being used for weight loss. According to various researches Apple cider vinegar it is great for body detoxification, it boosts the metabolism and reduces appetite which is great for someone on a weight loss journey like me. It regulates blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol as well as the usual skin and hair uses.

The recipe

If you plan on using Apple Cider vinegar for weight loss it can be taken on its own in a diluted form of 1-2 tablespoons to 25cl of water.

Some other ingredients that can be added to this drink are;

These natural products have detoxification properties too and will aid in the process of losing weight and keeping your body healthy.

Possible adverse effects

  • It has acidic property so it can erode the tooth enamel if you’re not careful. What can be done to help this is drinking it with a straw or putting it into like small shots so you just down it all at once like how people take vodka.
  • It may interfere with medications and supplements like insulin or diuretics which means if you’re using medication don’t use this except you have spoken to you doctor about it.
  • It may lead to irritations of the throat and stomach due to its acidity so it must be taken diluted and must not be taken on an empty stomach.


Weight loss updates

Week 0 waist cm : 80cm

Week 1 waist cm : 79.3cm

I don’t know if this counts as substantial but I am taking it as a sign that I am moving in the right direction because if I lose 1cm a week I would practically have a size 0 waist at the end of august and I am not interested in that much of weight loss.

All I did this week was follow my exercise challenge (I’m feeling the burn guys!) and monitor how much I eat, I don’t eat except I’m hungry and I drink a lot of water about 2.5L a day.

Have you tried an ACV detox? What were your ingredients? What were your results?

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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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