How much is too much? -Trimming

Hey guys!

Welcome to part 3 of my ‘How much?’ series. I’ll be touching on a very controversial topic, Trimming or dusting as the case may be. A lot of people are against trimming because they feel it just cuts off retained length and some others feel it makes their hair healthier and will in the long run help it grow.

What is trimming?

Trimming means to reduce slightly or cut while dusting is basically trimming off about half or quarter an inch of hair so that it appears like dust on the floor. Trimming basically involves cutting off dead ends or split ends or single strand knots.

Why should you trim?

The main reason why anybody should trim is to get rid of unhealthy hair ends. That consists of split ends, dead ends, and single strand knotted ends.

The reason its important to cut these off is because if you dont cut it, it will eventually cut off itself and carry some of your healthy hair along with it cutting more than it would have if you had trimmed reducing your length retention.

A split end will grow up your hair shaft and that will have negative effects on your hair health.

Too much trimming?

Now we’ve established that trimming is important and should happen at some point in time, what will happen if you trim too often? Reduced length retention.

If you trim too often you’re cutting off your hair length and any growth you gain will be lost. This is a reason why some people’s hair doesn’t seem to grow because they are cutting off the length of hair they gain.

How often should you trim your hair?

This depends on how much your hair splits to be honest because you should only trim when your hair is showing you signs and not for the fun of it.

For some people every three to four months work for them but I feel if you have a healthy hair regimen your hair may split less and you can increase that to 5 months or whatever.

For me, I am constantly on the look out for split ends or single strand knots and if I see one I get rid of it immediately, that implies that I can go longer stretches of time without trimming my hair and I plan on trimming once a year or every six months so it works for me.

Something important to note is that trimming your hair doesnt make your hair grow longer. It just keeps your hair healthy so that there is reduced breakage which will help length retention in the long run.

I hope that helped you, if there’s any questions you have or anything you’ll want me to talk about, please comment.

Stay glam, stay true

-Drop of black

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