Its exam season again

Hey guys!

Who remembers december when I had exams and no time for my hair? Its that time of the semester again, I’m not letting my hair shrink beyond recognition again though this time I’m turning to this awesome thing called low manipulation styling. I’ll write a post on that at some point but right now I’ll just give the definition. Low manipulation styles are styles that limit how you manipulate your hair, with these styles in you dont have to comb or plait or twist or do anything much with your hair. Its an ‘I woke up like this’ style.

My low- manipulation style

Because I’m a weirdo I am going to call this style twelve tails.

Sorry I couldn’t get a better picture, I made this on freshly co-washed hair under the shower because wanted it to shrink up and it definitely did by the time my hair was fully dry. It basically involved me parting my hair into four sections then each section into three sub sections then plaiting each subsection into an inside braid, I don’t know what it is in English but it’s didi in Yoruba.

Hair care routine

With this style, all I do is spritz my hair with my leave in once in two days as the braids help retain moisture a lot. Now that it’s getting quite rough I brush my edges too and thats all.

What’s your go to exam hairstyle? Whats your favourite low manipulation style?

Btw, I was thinking of joining the radio station of my school like to help and maybe if possible push for them to have a show dedicated to hair care. Who thinks it’s a good idea? I’m not sure of specifics yet or if I’ll even host the show but I don’t mind writing the script for someone else, anything to help my natural hair sisters. Should I go for it or not?

Stay glam, stay true

-Drop of black

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