Second length check

Measuring hair length

I had my second length check on the 21st of December which is approximately two months after the first length check.

I used a tape rule and stretched my hair. The sides grew the fastest while the front apparently didn’t retain any length.

My results were;

  • Front length: 31cm
  • Side and back length: 29cm
  • Middle length:26cm

So apparently my hair grew about two centimetres almost an inch in the two months meaning my hair grows about half an inch in a month in the sides which has the fastest growth rate while the middle is probably less than that. Or it grows equally and I lose my middle length due to breakage.

All in all, it was a fun experiment, my hair may not grow at exactly those rates but it was still nice to monitor the growth rate, having this in mind I would be sure not to have unattainable goals for my hair length while keeping my hair healthy.

Length without health is nothing

My next length check will be in April which is four months from the last one and I hope to have retained about one and a half inch or there about of hair length, I wouldn’t do anything out of my usual wash, protective style and deep condition regimen but I’ll be adding a few more oils because length without health is nothing.

Have you ever tried to determine how much length your hair grows in a month?

Have a wonderful 2018 guys!

Stay true; be you!

-Drop of black

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