No time for hair care? No fear

Hey guys!

So I’ve been having exams for the past week and I haven’t had much time for my hair, what I had planned to do originally was make cornrow plaits or twisting braids with my hair but somehow time passed and I didn’t have the chance so right now my hair is a sight.

It is shrunken and just there in a crazy afro kind of thing, it normally would be really coarse and hard but i guess my frequent deep conditioning has paid off as it’s still moisturized and not showing any signs of breakage.

What I do every morning though is put a band round my shrunken hair to make it into an afro, fluff it up and spray my leave in conditioner mist. It may seem little and like in neglecting my hair but low manipulation is key so I guess this is a blessing is disguise for me.

Don’t over do it though, harmattan season is approaching us here in Nigeria so it’s about time to save those ends, I decided to do twisting braids with my hair probably tomorrow or next so that I can carry on my reading without having to worry about making my hair in a protective style every other day or putting it in buns at night to prevent shrinkage. I lowkey want to see how short my shrinkage can get so I’m not going to try to stretch it out till time for me to make the hair.

This is how it is now

My shrinkage game

What do you do when you don’t have time for your hair?

Stay blue, stay true

– Drop of black

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