Length check

Hey guys! So I decided to do a length check for my hair because it’s been a while and I want to know if I have retained any length in the past few months and so I can project how long my hair should be by December.

How to do a length check

So there are three ways to do a length check;

  • Using the length check shirt: the shirts have the measurements inch by inch and the hair is pulled out or straightened to see the actual length. Keep in mind that there may be inconsistency because of the stretch of the shirt.
  • Using a tape rule or ruler: This involves taking sections from your hair, maybe a section from the back and one from the front then measuring with the tape, it’s very accurate when it comes to measuring and this is the technique I’ll be using.
  • Using comparison shots: This doesn’t necessarily show the length of the hair in inches of centimetres but it shows that there is length retention by comparing the former length with the newly acquired length.

My length check

I stretched my hair with twists then I took small sections of the stretched out hair and measured with a tape rule. I measured the front, sides, centre and back. It gets a little tricky at the back and centre so get help from a friend if you can.


  • Front length: 31cm
  • Side and back length: 26cm
  • Middle length:24cm

I plan on doing another length check in December where I can decipher how much my hair grows in a month then set a time line to my achievement of waist length hair. My hair is about BSL, bra strap length so I guess that’s not so bad.

Have you ever done a length check? What were your results?

Have fun! Stay glam!

– Drop of black

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