Hair length milestones

Hair length milestones

Hi guys!

So, I may be the only one with the dream of having waist length hair but I know I’m not the only one that wants to have long healthy hair. So for the people who just want long hair, I got down the various hair length milestones so you can see where you are, where you want to be and be able to measure your progress.

The milestones

To get the actual hair length, the hair should be stretched, not necessarily straightened just stretched.

  • Neck length – Hair is said to be neck length when the stretch hair tip rests on the base of the neck.
  • Collar bone length – When the stretched hair rests on the collar bone then it is said to be collarbone length.
  • Shoulder length – Shoulder length hair rests on the top border of the scapula which is the bone at the back.
  • Armpit length – At this length, the hair should rest at the apex if the armpit.
  • Bra strap length – This is when the stretched hair rests on the top border of the bra strap.
  • Mid back length – The hair rests at the middle of the back or a little below the lower border of the bra strap.
  • Waist length – The hair rests on the waist just above the level of the hips.

Since my goal is waistlength I’ll stop on that milestone, if you want to challenge yourselves you can push further but for now I’ll face my current goal first.

Length checks shouldn’t be done like every week or everyday, you’ll hardly notice any changes if you do that, every few months is a better interval between length checks.

Have fun and stay informed.

-Drop of black

3 thoughts on “Hair length milestones

  1. So locks are currently waist length and quick question I am looking at the bra length measurement like what if I am a guy and I don’t wear one Hahaha


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